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  3. Education is unquestionably a vital field, because almost everything in the world depends upon education. I saw that on a website someplace — a non-profit organization in the Philippines. Teachers work tirelessly at their craft (many of them, anyway). But there are some who appear to have a gift to inspire. My high school world history teacher was one particular. She had lived in China as a growing up. When she taught in Rockville, Maryland, you could actually feel the wisdom of all her experience. She didn’t have us memorize dates. That was the first excellent thing I had been told by a history tutor. What she said next took the subject several magnitudes higher in value. She wanted us to know the motivations of history — the deeply visceral, human aspects of what can otherwise be a deadly dry subject. Jaime Escalante of “Stand and Deliver” fame, dared to dream big. Calculus for the typically dropout crowd? Pushing them to go on to college? Wow. And I have this publication called, “Calculus Made Easy,” by Sylvanus P. Thompson, first published in 1910. It’s been through many printings all in making a simple subject simple. What can we do to create more teachers who inspire world-changing superiority? Einstein once asserted that imagination is a lot more important than knowledge. Knowledge can give you the inspiration. Imagination usually takes you to the stars. Don’t our youngsters deserve better?

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