DJ Bruce Wayne’s ‘Sex Tape’*

*This is a mixtape & not a visual …Yeah we don’t need that LOL!


Romeo & Mega Back2Back! *Classic*


Props to Mr Roy Thomas!

Wretch & L get ‘Acoustic’

Out next week!

The Ugliest Trainers …EVER!

So with the New Year upon us, we here at Sneaker Watch want to get all of the unsatisfactory out of our system, and welcome in a new regime of ill kicks, premium materials, and fresh styles to the forefront! Before we do so, we HAVE to go over some of the biggest misses in the sneaker culture and show you what to steer away from…no offense, but wack is wack B! Lets get started


CJBeatz on the (DayTime) Radio!

This week 1Xtra switched up the schedule & moved all the specialist DJ’s 12 hours fwd! This meant I got to do what I usually do on the night-shift during ‘normal’ hours. A different time slot didn’t mean a lack in quality radio yo! Check out brand new 1st plays of new Wretch 32 & Angel songs as well as my ‘Revalations’; artists who I think are going to be doing BIG things in 2011 plus the usual high energy party I normally bring to the airwaves!



CJBeatz Practice Session

Apologies to anyone who checks the blog regularly, the christmas & new Years period left me stuffing my face with Turkey rather than stuffing the site with content. But I’m back! & what better way to start the year blogging than by geting my 2011 scratch on …welcome to the 1st day of the rest of your life!

Jamaican Slap Chop


Big up MistaHooli LOL