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Hov & Yay go HAM!

This is crazy! Beat is Bananas & what they’re saying is even more bonkers …Although it’s Produced by Lex Luger (BMF, MC Hammer) you can tell Kanye was probably instrumental (no pun) in having the Opera choir involved.

‘Watch the Throne’ in stores soon!


‘Monster’ – Behind the Scenes *Rozay Edition*

Yooooooooooooo!!!! Can’t wait to see this one

CJ Beatz & Bruce Wayne are ‘The Nice Guys’

This year has been extremely busy for the both of us but we had to find the time to come back to do what we love the most.

CJ Beatz & Bruce Wayne put it down once again! ‘The Nice Guys’ is essentially two ‘nice’ DJ’s having fun with music. Perfect for the iPod, iPhone, iPad or any other iMusicPlayer you use.

Hope you enjoy it

Michael Jackson feat. Jay Z – 12 O’Clock

Sounds like an old Jay Z verse but a real Michael Jackson so I’ll take it …plus a guitar solo @ the end will always make me 🙂

DMX ‘F*ck Jay Z’

Is X on the pipe again? Just release some good music pls brother

Beyonce is a boss

Stolen from Pinboard Blog. Beyonce rehearsing for the 2006 MTV Awards …

Actually really can’t wait to see her Tour DVD coming out really soon!

Jay-Z & Gucci Create Decoded Jacket

Jay-Z and Gucci (not the rapper) have collaborated on a leather bomber in support of Hov’s upcoming book, Decoded. The  breakdown of “Blue Magic” is found in the lining of the jacket. The piece was created by Jay and Gucci Creative Director, Frida Giannini. The jacket will be on display at the 5th Ave flagship store. Decoded drops next Tuesday.