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CJ’s 1st Weekend Show!

So on Sunday I had the pleasure of waking up @ 7am to mosey on down to BBC Radio 1Xtra & kick start my brand new morning show! On the show we talked ‘Confessions’ & what ‘Sucked’. I also got into the Old-Skool mix @ 12pm! Classic UKG! Why Not!!



  1. Wookie — Battle

  2. MJ Cole — Crazy love

  3. Gabrielle — Sunshine

  4. Richie Dan — Call It Fate

  5. Architects — Body Groove (feat. Nana)

  6. Jaheim — Just In Case

  7. Monsta Boy — Sorry

  8. Sia — Little Man

  9. Da Click — Good Rhymes

  10. Pied Piper — Do You Really Like it?

  11. So Solid Crew — Dilemma

  12. So Solid Crew — Oh No

  13. Heartless Crew — Anthem

  14. Oxide & Neutrino — Bound 4 the Reload

  15. Sticky — Boo! (feat. Ms Dynamite)

  16. Musical Mob — Pulse X

  17. Maxwell D — Serious!

  18. The Endz — Are U really from the Endz?

  19. More Fire Crew — Oi!

Check it out here!

++ BONUS!! ++

I also kick-started the Radio 1 / 1Xtra ‘1Xtra Mix Show’ on Saturday night …consider it a shop window into what I usually get up to on a Monday Night / Tuesday morning!




The CJBeatz Radio Takeover …sorta!

++ This weekend is all about The CJ Beatz Takeover on BBC Radio 1 & BBC Radio
1Xtra! ++

Saturday Night on Radio 1 CJ Beatz kicks off the brand new ‘1Xtra Mix Show’ @
3-5am when the switch is flipped over to BBC Radio 1Xtra

Sunday Morning on 1Xtra CJ Beatz starts his brand new daytime stint as he wakes
up the nation @ 10am

Finally CJ Beatz is back on Monday Night for the stupendous ‘RnB M1X Show’ 1-4am
on BBC Radio 1Xtra

++ Welcome to the CJBeatz Experience! ++

CJ takes over 1Xtra …sorta!

Friday (17/12/10) I was given the honour of taking over the Hip Hop M1X Show; covering Charlie Sloth who was covering Semtex. To say I went in is an understatement …

Check It Out HERE

Then, yesterday I was asked to cover Twin B’s morning show as he had Man-Flu. Was fun considering I’d only had 2 hours sleep …check out sexy time & me having a rant about annoying people in clubs.

Check t Out HERE

Tuff Trainers! Swizz unveils his new Reebok Trainer

Not bad, I like the soles …A cross between Reebok Pumps & British Knights.

What u sayin? Would u rock?

Lloyd Banks in the studio with Fabolous

‘Start It Up’ is Huge! GetUpOnIt!!

HFM 2, Dark Twisted Fantasy & Pink Friday all come out on the same day, who u reckon’s going #1?

Timbo Thursdays!

Timbaland to Release New Music Every Thursday

Kanye has G.O.O.D. Fridays on lock, Swizz Beatz has claimed Monster Mondays, and now Timbaland wants a piece of the action.
Following in the footsteps of his music industry peers, the super-producer revealed that he may be releasing his own free music on Thursdays.
“So my brother told me kanye is puttin out a new song every friday call good fridays, swizz got mondays,” said Timbo, who recently joined Twitter. “I dont know if they are on twitter but can you hit them up and tell them reserve that thursday for timbo da king baby. We’ll call it timbo thursday cool?”
Timbo Tuesday’s has a better ring to it no!?
Follow Tim @timbaland007 & moi @CJBeatz


Diddy – Dreams come true!

That Swizz track @ the end sounds CRAZY!

Album out December I think …